"I have rarely desired an end
to my desires."

Kathleen Graber, from “Book Nine" of The Eternal City (via proustitute)

There goes my relatively free weekend, the last before field school Monday. Instead I’m going up to Charleston for a day, then over to SCAD in Savannah and then to Tennessee for a family reunion. And of. Course field school starts bright and early Monday morning. ( world weary sigh) just can’t get time off.

Setting: church
Me: why is it a C bag?
Dad: it's a sea bag as in S-E-A not like the letter!
Me: I was going to say is there like a D-bag?


In between an internship and field school #2 I’m going to go to Israel, any of the whopping 6 of you have any suggestions of what to see please hit me up.

Considering joining the french foreign legion.

"Give me your premonitions, give me your book, give me your prodigious memory,
give me the blue gaze from your dark eye, give me the devotion of your sleeping birds."

Valerie Mejer, from “from the wave, the way,” trans. Forrest Gander (via proustitute)


This underground labyrinth of netting is a giant trampoline playground suspended 180 feet above the ground inside a slate quarry cavern in the Welsh mining town of Blaenau Ffestiniog. Developed by Zip World, Bounce Below will open in just a few weeks and will offer visitors a playful experience deep beneath the surface of the earth.

(via everydayfrustone)

Why the hell is it so hard to find the text for the Indian Removal Act of 1830? Did we remove it from all the archives, if so haha karma is a bitch!

Mumblings of the Mind

Buzzfeed quiz game of thrones name

Thomas ” the fucking awesome”, at least that’s how I’m translating things tonight